Today Ubisoft came up with their digital live event “UBISOFT FORWARD.” Which started from 12.30 AM according to Indian time.

Many of us can’t attend it at such hour, but don’t worry. We at “Otakuwire” had brought you all the updates.

First & Foremost we had some gameplay of Trackmania followed by Great News!!

Brawlhalla Is coming to Android & IOS on 7th August 2020.

We also had trials Rising’s new update about Giga Trials which would be Free for all Coming this Thursday.

Tom Clancy’s Breakpoint would be getting an AI Update coming this 15th, which would have new PVP modes as well as Major Gun Upgrades.

Finally we got to see Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gameplay!!!! It followed raids, which included your own party members, it was similar to war modes from origins and odyssey but now you get to decide what strategy you can follow. It has the vast Variety of enemies ever seen on any Assassin’s Creed Game. The Combat is brutal with dual wielding weapon modes and also if u like you can take two shields as weapon to.

Watch Dogs Legion is confirmed to be released on October 29th. We get to see a vast open world with various Npcs which clearly tells that you are going to spend a lot of time in Legion. You get to build your own team of hackers in London.

Hyper Scape is free for all in beta testing. That had already been started. The download size is 9 Gb right now. So go and Grab it!!

If there’s any new development we would let you know. So stay tuned for more updates on otaku wire.

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