Valorant introduces Elderflame skins/ Dragon Skins


Valorant introduces Elderflame skins/ Dragon Skins

Introducttion to dragonflame skin

So, Valorant released on June 2, Now that the game has a decent e-sports scene and the G2 invitational tournament is over. The game has found a decent viewership of over 50k on the tournaments. What is the next step for Valorant, of course, it is dope skins. Valorant will be adding Elderflame skins which are basically living breathing dragons.

What to expect from these dragon skins.

Riot Games has been know to make some great skins in their games, League of legends skins are the best example of stellar skins. Valorant players expect no less from a developer like Riot Games other than the absolute best of the best.

These Elderflame dragon Skins feature a fully animated dragon that breathes fire instead of bullets to shoot down your enemies. A beautiful dragon kill animation and new zoom in crosshair screen.

Crosshair of the elderflameskin

How much will the Elderflame skins cost?

The cost is not cleat yet. As we know the prime collection cost 7100 valorant points which are 99€. Now, these skins are the first to be rated ultimate skins so they may see a higher cost. The release date of Elderflame skins is 10/July/2020. To check out the release trailer on youtube click here

Kill Animation of the elderflame skin
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