What did Euron Greyjoy see in Episode 5 trailer – Game of Thrones S08E05 Predictions


Well, Game of thrones season 8 episode 4 has been aired and HBO has fucked up big time with that starbucks coffee cup fiasco. So much so that all the 25 top searched keywords in google search immediately after the episode are around the “starbucks coffee cup Game of thrones” and its variations.

Now that the entire starbucks coffee cup saga is put to an end, it is time to get down to real business.

Spoilers ahead. If you’ve not watched the 4th episode of season 8 of Game of thrones & the trailer of 5th episode, we advise you to not proceed any further.

In episode 4, we see Rhaegal, one of the dragons of Daenerys being shot down with the huge scorpion crossbow mounted on all the ships of Euron’s fleet. The death of everyone’s beloved dragon is so cruel and graphic. Rhaegal takes three shots from the scorpion before going down and being drowned in the ocean. Also, the redkeep is fortified with multitude of scorpions. It essentially took Drogon, the only remaining dragon of Daenerys out of the equation. Keep this in mind, we’re going to use it in the next part of the article.

In the trailer of 5th episode, we see Euron Greyjoy bewildered to watch something in the sky. That is after shooting down a dragon in front of its mother. If you’ve been following the show religiously just like millions of other fans, you know that Euron Greyjoy is many things but afraid is not one of them. So, what did he actually see in the trailer of the 5th episode which scared the bejesus out of him? Many theories have been doing rounds among the fan circles of Game of thrones, both in Reddit and Facebook. Some of them are outright absurd, some of them are believable to an extent and some of them extremely plausible. We’re curating the top 5 fan theories circulating in the internet. Go through them and comment whether you agree with any of them or not.

Theory 1: He saw multiple baby dragons flying towards him

This might be the strangest theories of the lot. But is entirely probable if the writers decide to do this. There was a time when Drogon kind of went rouge. Drogon was missing in action until it arrived to rescue Danny from the sons of Harpy. The theory goes like, Drogon was actually laying eggs and raising its babies somewhere away from the open lands. It can also be argued that Drogon went on burning fields and capturing sheep to feed its children. Now, there is no way to say that Drogon is male of female. Also, there is is established in the show that dragons can change their sex. And only Missandei and Daenerys knew this. So, when Missandei says Dracarys as her parting words, it may also mean to burn them all using these dragons.

Theory 2: He saw a single dragon, the size of Balerion

This is yet another theory that is circulating on the internet. If we observe the title credits carefully, we can see that there is one bigger dragon and three smaller dragons in front of it. What if the three smaller dragons are the dragons of Danny and the big dragon is yet to be seen. What if it is hidden somewhere and is awaken somehow? It might be the same size of Balerion. It would shift the odds towards Danny’s side and would pretty much explain the reaction of Euron.

Theory 3: He saw Rhaegal

It is a far fetched theory that’s doing rounds in the fan groups. Some fans are desperately waiting for Rhaegal to make a dramatic recovery and enter the battlefield with Dragon and wreak havoc. Imagine the reaction of Euron when he sees Rhaegal and Drogon attacking his fleet when he confidently said that he has drowned the dragon.


But, considering the way in which Rhaegal got injured and drowned in the sea, it is pretty unlikely for the dragon to make a recovery and be battle ready. In all probability Rhaegal is dead but hey, it is a fantasy TV series and anything can happen. Who is not to say that Rhaegal is resurrected/recovered by some magic and is back in action?

Theory 4: He saw Drogon armoured

Both the dragons that died in the series till date died because of some spear attack. The night king attacked Viserion with an ice spear and Euron attacked Rhaegal with the scorpion crossbow.

**Representational Image

Now, if Drogon is fitted with impenetrable armour, it’ll make the dragon invincible. Euron would definitely be surprised with the sudden turn of events and the scorpions would just slow down the dragon but not incapacitate it.

Theory 5: Yara Greyjoy is arriving with a larger fleet and bigger ships.

This is the best time to reintroduce Yara Greyjoy into the folds. Danny has already lost majority of Unsullied and the reinforcements are yet to arrive at kings landing. It would make sense for the directors to bring back Yara. This would also improve the odds of Daenerys against fight with Cersei.

One drawback to this theory is that Euron is looking at the sky in the trailer. We can explain this with Yara’s fleet shooting arrows or fireballs at Euron’s fleet and Euron is shocked to see the massive amounts or arrows or fireballs coming at his fleet.

So, we’ve laid out all the possible theories regarding Euron’s surprise. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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