What will happen to Axel, the son of Nairobi? Mystery revealed


Season five of Money Heist will be honoring their fallen Nairobi by completing the Bank of Spain heist. As per the reports Alba Flores has pointed to the future of her son Axel being revealed in the coming episodes.

Nairobi was shot in the chest while watching Inspector Alicia Sierra parade her son Axel in front of the Bank of Spain. Fortunately, Nairobi has survived the shooting but was later killed by security guard Gandia in season four.

Gandia is now in the gang’s custody, both viewers and the gang are not over Nairobi’s death. the main question is the fate of Axel. Theories also suggest that the Axel will be grown with Helsinki. Others suggest that it is not Helsinki but Bogota is going to adopt him. There were no clues about the father of Axel. The Season 5 may be the answers to this question

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