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One Piece, Started in 1997, has been one of the longest running mangas and animes of the world. What started out as a two part series by the creator of One piece Eiichiro Oda has become bigger and better than what he can probably imagine. The first volume of One piece was published in 1997. Running uninterupedly for the past 22 years making it one of the longest running mangas worldwide.

One piece manga vs anime
One piece manga vs anime

Now, coming to the one dreaded question which every fan of one piece fears, when is One piece going to end? We don’t have have a concrete answer to this question as of now. But we can roughly estimate the end date based on the information available in the internet.

Firstly, the one piece creator Eiichiro Oda in an interview has said that the end of One piece is near. From Oda’s comments, it can be safely assumed that the manga will go for about 120 volumes. Which leaves us with almost 40 volumes of the manga to be released. With the current pace of the manga coming out and considering the limitations of an ageing Oda, it is safe to assume that we can get 4 new volumes of the manga every year. So, 40 volumes to go with 4 volumes every year leaves us with atleast 10 years of One piece manga.

Having said that, this estimate depends on a lot of factors. The first one being the 120 volumes mark being the end and 4 volumes per year steady rate of publishing the manga. Also, there is wide spread consensus that even after Oda’s death, the show runners will continue the manga and anime as it is a cash cow and the has huge popularity worldwide.

So, in any estimate, One piece still has a good 10 years to go provided a constant stream of 4 volumes a year from Oda. One piece might end in 2029.

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