Who is the real father of Cincinnati? Arturo or Denver


Denver fell in love with Mónica Gaztambide in season 1 of Money Heist. when the heist is over they went on to Asia. At athe time when gan raid the Royal Mint, Monica releaved that that she was pregnant. But Arturo deney it. But in third season we saw their baby named Cincinnati. Now their exist some question abouth the father of him.

When arturo deny Monica and also did not care her, she got closer to Denver. Even when Denver was instructed to kill her he cant. He shoots her in the leg and fakes her death. Denver moves her to one of the vaults in the bank and treats her gunshot wound. He also doesn’t let her terminate her pregnancy.

The pair later escaped Royal Mint together and headed to Asia. They are back with their son Cincinnati. While the story, as we know it, suggests that Cincinnati is Arturo’s son. A Reddit user believes that Cincinnati is in fact Denver’s child, Daily Express reported. Reddit user TheHippyDragon’s pointed out that in the show, Arturo had confessed that he was infertile and that his other kids were a result of artificial insemination.

“What if Monica had gotten a false positive from her pregnancy test and Denver had actually impregnated her during or after the heist. After all, Arturo did mention he was infertile and had his other kids through artificial insemination. I know it’s just a thought that’s unlikely but if you sit down and think about it there’s a distinct possibility it might have happened even if it is, like I said, unlikely,” The user wrote.

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