Why Emilia Clarke Shut the door on taking photos with her fans?


Emilia Clarke, Mother of Dragons in ‘Games of Thrones’ recently learned a lesson. For all, she is going to close the door on taking photos with her fans.

The recent incident happed at the death anniversary of John Lennon is a haunting reminder to every celebrity that, as much as they may want to show kindness to a fan, there is such a thing as allowing one to get too close.

Clarke opened up earlier this month except for the occasional stalking and relentless fans all experience on Game of Thrones has been a mostly happy one. She recently opened up to The Guardian about her experience in early December. She told the outlet she finds the experience “confusing because having a relationship with people I don’t know is a big part of what I signed up for.”

“I care about what art does to people,” she continued. “But it carries with it a responsibility, and when you leave your front door you take that with you. And it’s a difficult path to navigate.”

The 33-year-old even described how she interprets the emotions running through one of her fans.

“Because sometimes you get grabbed physically and your instincts kick in. When you see shock being registered on someone else’s face, you’re like, ‘Where’s the danger?’ And then you realize, ‘oh, it’s me – I’m the danger.’”

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