Guest posting is officially open on Otakuwire!!!

Want to get your content featured in top websites but unsuccessful so far? Want to have a steady referral traffic to your website but unable to get any quality backlinks?

Don’t fear, we’re here to help you out!

We’re here to give you a chance to feature your content on Otakuwire! With this, we’re officially opening the guest posting on everyone’s favourite platform.

Ok. What’s the big deal?

Within just 2 months of launching the website in full throttle, we surged into the top 1800 websites from India on Alexa rankings.

We’ve amassed 3.5 Million pageviews within a time span of 30 days. It translates to 1,442,662 unique users with a bounce rate of 66.23% and pages/session of 1.82

Google Analytics Traffic Proof:

Alexa Rankings Proof:

Wow! This actually is a big deal. Why are you allowing guest posts on Otakuwire now?

We know how hard it is to build a content platform. We know how clueless are young bloggers about maintaining their website. We’ve seen people writing for ages with little to no organic traffic to their website. It is heartbreaking. We three of us have been there.

So, this opportunity is for those young blogging enthusiasts who are having a hard time finding their feet on the ground. We can help you in your content getting good visibility across the internet. We can help you in identifying the mistakes you are making and show the right path forward.

Why feature my content on Otakuwire?

  • You’ll get good organic presence
  • Your content will be viewed by thousands of users if not lakhs!
  • You’ll get a unique author profile
  • Your website will get a genuine backlink (Only if it meets our basic requirements and the favour is reciprocated)

Apart from this, top contributors will get a chance to interact with our in-house experts and are eligible for getting free audit of their website, access to all our case-studies. We will also share our secrets to generating 80% of our traffic through organic channels.

Awesome!! This is exciting. What should I do?

  • It is extremely simple. You do what you know best, write!

What are the Guidelines:

  • The article should be a minimum of 600 words. The lengthier the post, the better it is
  • Content should be original, unique, well proofread and plagiarism free(We’ve a strong in-house plagiarism checker tool. So, beware!)
  • You should own a decent website( For getting a backlink)
  • Topic should be interesting
  • Topics with high search volume or currently trending will be given priority

Pick any of the following categories

  • TV series
  • Latest movies
  • Anime
  • Comics
  • Game launch/ Review
  • Live event blogging (Game launch/Anime/WWE etc.)
  • Anything you may deem fit for the website

Submit your Content Here!

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If you’re unable to submit your article through above form, just write the article and email it to [email protected] along with your author bio(Profile pic, Display name, it can be original or pen name, Website for backlink, short description about yourself)

If we’re satisfied with the content piece, we’ll publish it right away. But, if our editorial team is not satisfied with the content, we’ll send it back with suggestions for edits. This process will be repeated until we get a satisfactory piece of writing from you.

Note: By submitting your article through the above form or by sending your article to [email protected] , you agree that it is your original work and there are no copyright infringements. You give full rights to Otakuwire to publish your article on its platform with or without any edits.