13 Reasons Why Season 4: Top 5 Fan Theories


The fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release of the 4th season of 13 Reasons Why. It is one of the best-rated series on Netflix. This teen drama series focuses on a student as she sinks into depression due to cheating and bullying, which ends in her death.

In the show, there were losses, deportations, narcotics, and more. Good news for fans here as Netflix has revived 13 Reasons Why for the fourth and final season. The fourth season is very necessary since there is a lot of suspense left in the third season.

Now fans are waiting for the season 4 with their theories. Let’s check out the top 5 fans theories

ANI is Bryce’s killer?

We will understand who carried out BryceThe user stated that Ani is responsible for Bryce’s disappearance, so we hope that this theory will be vindicated in the fourth season.

Everything Liberty High School Will Improve

Jessica would make several changes at Liberty High School, which would physically harm anyone at the school, primarily for survivors of the attack. School assemblies are believed to eventually take action and make the school a protected place for survivors and ensure that things like this never happen again.

Is Monty alive?

Monty may return in the fourth season, as many sources claimed that this theory is possible. Some sources suggest that Monty’s offscreen death is unexpected. You can rejoin the fourth season.

Will Fisherman Found The Guns of Tyler?

When Clay and Tony Padilla saw Tyler’s motives in their school’s Spring Fling, he threw all of Tyler’s weapons into the river and at the end of the third season. A fisherman located him in the water. It is still unclear if Clay and Tony had the knowledge to erase the weapon’s fingerprints, or if their serial number may have followed Tyler.

Tony’s family

Tony’s family separated after Bryce’s father informed his state immigration officials. However, both Tony and his brother, Graciella, were born in the United States. He and his partner video chat with Caleb, Tony’s family. At first, Tony was reissued to his family, and it is unclear if he intended to do so yet. It is difficult to say what you can do to improve the condition.

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