Be ready, Charlize Theron is back in action with The Old Gaurd- Watch Trailer


Charlize Theron is now back with an neither action packed movie- The Old Guard. It is a fantasy-action graphic novel adaptation coming to Netflix.
The movie is going to be released in July 10, 2020. The Netflix has just unveiled the first trailer, giving us our best look yet at stay-at-home summer blockbuster.

As per the trailer the fans all over can expect an action-packed movie. The Old Guard casts Theron as the leader of a group of immortal mercenaries. They are fighting to remain in the shadows when it looks like their existence might be about to go public.

The film will take full advantage of its immortal characters, with some flashbacks to what looks like medieval England involving hangings and an iron maiden. With Kiki Layne’s newcomer Nile joining the crew just as their secrecy threatens to be destroyed

There are some nice shots of Theron in all-out brawl mode there. And it looks like Elsewhere there’s Chiwetel Ejiofor in British baddie mode, joined by Harry ‘Dudley Dursley’ Melling.

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