Black Mirror season 5 trailer, release date, cast Topher Grace, Andrew Scott, Miley Cyrus


Black mirror, one of the popular TV series by Netflix has released a new trailer for season 5. Watch the trailer of Black mirror season 5 below:

Black mirror season 5 trailer

Black mirror season 5 release date

Black mirror season 5 is going to be released on 5 June 2019. Black mirror season 5 is coming out on june 5th 2019.

How many episodes are there in Black mirror season 5

The number of episodes in Black mirror season 5 are 3

Black mirror season 5 cast and crew

Black mirror season 5 trailer boasts incredible actors and a robot. The cast of the 5th season of Black mirror contains:

  • Andrew Scott who portrayed Professor James Jim Moriarty in Sherlock holmes tv series. In the Sherlock holmes tv series, Benedict cumberbatch acted as Sherlock.
  • Anthony Mackie who portrayed Falcon in the Avengers movies from Marvel
  • Topher Grace black mirror
  • Miley Cyrus black mirror singer
  • Klementieff black mirror

black mirror season 5 cast

Miley Cyrus featuring in black mirror season 5 trailer has shocked quite a few fans. It is yet to be confirmed whether the singer/actor will portray her original or fictitious version of herself in the show.

We can also see a robot dog in the trailer of season 5 of Black mirror.

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