What Will Happen in Attack on Titan Season 4? 8 Clues the Trailer Gives Us!


The end of season 3 left many fans wondering what will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4, and rightly so. With so many loose ends still left to be wrapped up, and a ton of character arcs that we all want to see, season 3 left us with more questions than answers.

However, with the release of the trailer, we’ve now got some clues about what will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4. How many of the following clues did you catch?

What will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4?

what will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4

After viewing the trailer endlessly, here’s what we think about what will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4:

1.      We’ll get to step into the minds of the villains

Nothing makes a story more compelling than being able to step into the villain’s shoes. The Attack on Titan season 4 trailer certainly hints that this will happen. We might get some more insights into the way Reiner and Zeke think. As a result, we’ll know a little bit more about their motivations. This should make for an interesting watch, especially because we’re all expecting this season to wrap up the series.

During the trailer, we saw a few different flashback scenes involving Reiner, and some of these scenes showed his time spent with the other recruits. Now, we know that Reiner wants to leave the war behind. So, it’s fair to expect more insights into why that is the case. He’s always had issues with being a traitor too. The writers may explore that too.

2.      We might just see Annie come back!

The last we saw Annie, she was trapped in ice. Over the course of the last two seasons, we’ve heard about how her cell is guarded quite heavily. However, beyond a few throw-away lines and scenes, we didn’t know what lay in store for this character.

The trailer for Attack on Titan season 4 shows Annie encased in ice just for a split second. This might mean that the character will get the resolution we all want for her. Perhaps she may play a much bigger role in the war after all.

3.      We will meet new characters

The trailer had a whole bunch of random faces that were hard to place. This is because they seem to be new characters. If Attack on Titan season 4 will spend some time in world-building and exploring other areas, then we may end up seeing new characters and their stories.

This may or may not be a good thing. At this point in the series, it might just be hard to emotionally invest in new characters. However, on the flip side, they might have really intriguing storylines that add a lot of value to the series and its world.

4.      We will see a ton of action!

When wondering what will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4, there’s definitely one aspect of the series we all know will be there – action. Based on the season 4 trailer, this season will be filled with some heavy action. This makes sense as we’re expecting the war to wrap up by the end. That definitely cannot happen without fighting!

We’ve speculated in the past that this war may lead to some significant deaths. In true Attack on Titan fashion, the gore will be good.

5.      We see Armin controlling his Titan (finally)!

Even if you weren’t paying close attention to the trailer, you would have spotted Colossal Titan making an appearance. By the end of season 3, Armin had taken up the mantle from Bertolt. It takes a ton of time to master and control one’s Titan (as evidenced by Eren learning to control Attack Titan). It seems like Armin has mastered his Titan fairly quickly. Or, maybe that’s a scene from the finale!

Either way, Armin’s journey to master Colossal Titan should be a good one to watch!

6.      We’ll see new places!

There’s a high chance that Attack on Titan Season 4 will take us to Marley and introduce us to the characters there. This may be where the new characters come in. Or, we may see Marley through the eyes of Reiner and Zeke.

The Attack on Titan Season 4 trailer showed far more technology than we are used to seeing in the series. So, perhaps, we might learn a bit more about that side of the world too. That’s another reason why a visit to Marley seems apparent.

7.      We’ll see a time jump!

Eren definitely looks older in the season 4 trailer, and the same can be said for Reiner. This means that over the course of the season, there might just be a time jump. Maybe it will be used as an epilogue to show the world after the war, or it might be right in the middle of the season.

If it’s the latter, then the flashbacks probably come into play to explain plot developments that could have taken place off-screen. It may also explain the new characters who are helping our heroes.

8.      We’ll see Mikasa growing stronger!

The trailer only spends a short moment on Mikasa. It shows her with a new hairstyle and fighting uniform. Since there is a change in appearance, perhaps it relates to a change in abilities or personal growth. As Connie and Sasha also don the same uniform in the trailer, it may hint at an elite squad or the three banding together to fight.

Based on the trailer, this is everything we know about what will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4!  Do you have any thoughts about what will happen in Attack on Titan Season 4? If so, tell us in the comments below!


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