Why You Should Watch One Piece Anime !


To be Honest “One Piece” is a Master Piece in Story Telling and in Character Development Because the Creator of One piece “Eiichiro Oda” has done a very good job in Expressing every character’s story unlike other anime’s.

The Special Part of the Anime is that one wont get bored while watching this anime,even the fillers of this anime are funny as hell if you start watching it now you might end up watching 12 episodes a day it is that engaging because of its nature and the characters its having and many anime might have plot holes but one piece doesn’t even have 1 plot hole.

However,the story of the anime is very simple yet interesting the plot goes as :

A pirate called “Gold D Roger” aka “King of the Pirates” is captured by the marines and is to be executed because of his unforgiving crimes,when he is taken to the execution spot his last word were about a treasure which he spent his life finding it known as “One Piece” before giving any further information about the treasure he is executed and the Pirates era begins to grow from here in search of the One Piece.

One more guy like the others stand up to find the One Piece and tends to become the King of pirates which is the main hero of the series “Monkey D Luffy” and now the adventure begins

Now lets talk about the audience many people have the thinking that it is a long running anime and has over 800 episodes it wont be fun watching an anime that will take time to complete or catch up with the others and the fact that its a long running anime is because it is a “Shounen” Anime and ive seen many people also have the reason not to watch this Anime because if its Animation which is not too good but the fact that its not good because One Piece was started in 1999.

Another Reason to Watch One Piece is that you will find everything in it from Emotional moments to Epic moments and the action is very cool and if you are a DBZ fan or Naruto fan then you should give a chance to One Piece

One Piece has a very good spot in “Shounen Category” One piece Manga has the world record in the books of Guinness world record for the ” comic book series with the most copies published by a single author. ”

Do you want more reasons to watch one piece? I don’t think so, besides you don’t want to be left out among your friends.

you might be thinking that how can i watch this it has 800+ episodes it would take time to find those episodes, No Need to Worry About that i have found a website which has all the episodes in mega links and Google Drive links and also torrent

Website : https://otakuarena.com/download-one-piece-all-episodes-1080p/

Thank you for reading this Sayonara / Arigato gosaimas

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