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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful video games of all time. It has several series, and the latest one is Grant Theft Auto 5. The series has helped and defined open-world sets and has been Rockstar’s chief series from the start. And it is the second place on the list of Best-Selling titles ever.

Grant Theft Auto 5 Poster
Grant Theft Auto 5 Poster

About Grant Theft Auto 5

Out of all series I have played, Grant Theft Auto 5 is my favorite one. Now considering why it’s my favorite game? As the evolution in the games since the last decades like story mode, graphics, character, weapons, etc. GTA 5 has high graphics, and so on.

Franklin Clinton one of the Main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V,
Franklin Clinton one of the Main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V,

As discussed in Grant Theft Auto 5, in older Grand Theft Auto games, there used to be only a single character mode to play the game. But in GTA 5, we have four characters, out of which three characters used in story mode, and the other aspect is GTA 5 online mode. Yes, in GTA 5, we have an online mode where we can play with other players all around the world. Even in GTA 5 Online, we will have missions to be completed (in that mission, we can team up with other members).

In older GTA games, characters don’t have a personal mobile. However, in GTA 4, they have introduced the character’s mobile. Also, in GTA 4 we have to visit the internet center for accessing the net, but in GTA 5, it included in the character’s mobile.

Car chase in Grant Theft Auto 5
Car chase in Grant Theft Auto 5

Grant Theft Auto 5 missions are exciting, and the Last mission(Deathwish) in GTA 5 is fantastic, in which Player needs to select what they should do. In total, there are 79 missions in GTA 5. Even you can buy new properties Like buildings, nightclubs, etc. in GTA 5 using the character’s mobile. This feature was not included in other GTA games.

Grant Theft Auto 5 Mobile
Grant Theft Auto 5 Mobile

In Total Grant Theft Auto 5 (Story mode) gameplay will be around 14 hours to complete all missions. We can even play casino in GTA Online. Even Epic Games has thrown GTA V for free in mid-May 2020. During that, the epics server was overwhelmed as so many people want GTA V.

Reason for choosing Grant Theft Auto 5

The reason that Grant Theft Auto 5 is the best game is because of its High Graphics, and it’s Like more Realistic. And driving vehicles made it easy in this game. Also, there will be some crazy mods which are fantastic and will be fun to play.

Updates and Removed Features in Grant Theft Auto 5

Late in Feb 2019, Grant Theft Auto 5 removed the Hushmush site in the character’s mobile, which is a dating site. Moreover, in GTA Online, they conduct weekly events where they will keep some property for sale or discount, or maybe they can throw that property or Item for free.

Grant Theft Auto Game Upcoming Series

As far the latest update, GTA 6 is going to be release in 2023 under the project ‘Project Americas’

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