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As we all know Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most successful video games ever made, thanks to Rockstar for a wonderful game. It has a massive online multiplayer. Rockstar always delivers when it comes to content, especially in their open-world games. GTA V revolves around the city, Los Santos. After you’ve beaten the game, you still want to keep playing. So in Los Santos, there is so much to do and discover that it’s almost overwhelming.

Here is a list of things you can do once you’ve finished the adventure of Franklin, Micheal, and Trevor.

Become an Assassin

Throughout the Main Story, we have noticed that Lester has a tendency to ask us to assassinate the Important People or figures. As we know the First Assassination Mission is, Hotel Assassination, But there are four more assassination missions following the first.

Assassinate the Important Figures.

It’s advised that you do so after beating the Main Story, because after assassinating certain figures will shoot up the value in stocks. So, it’s better to do the research on it.


There is a ton of places where you can exercise your physical or competitive sides.

We can spend time playing golfs, tennis, playing drafts, or participating in triathlons. We can even spend time in yoga, high-speed driving races, Sea races or we can go for parachuting.

Fun at sea by racing.

GTA Online

GTA Online is one of the most trending where we can do Heist co-op missions, participating in street races or we can even kill other players. We can have so much of fun by playing GTA Online.

GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto Online


In any open-world video game, one of my favorite things is to pull off the cool stunts. By the end of the Main Story, we should have probably had some cool sports cars or bikes, so why not we can have fun with stunts. In GTA V there are several jumps scattered throughout the map, which is required for 100% completion of the game.

Monster Stunts
Monster Stunts in Grand Theft Auto V

Gold Medals for Missions

GTA V Gold Achievements
Grand Theft Auto V Gold Achievements

One of the hardest achievements in Grand Theft Auto V is to get a gold medal for all missions. In order to achieve Gold Prologue, 70 gold medals are required from any of the missions. So, we can skip the hardest one and focus on other missions to get the gold medal. Even we can replay the mission to get gold medals.

Cheat Codes Fun

Rampage with Tank in GTA V
Going Rampage with Tank in Grand Theft Auto V

As a Grand Theft Auto player we all know in our childhood while playing GTA Vice City we pulled out the panzer(Tank) and gone crazy over the city. In the similar way, GTA V has brought us some ridiculous and fun cheat codes. We can change the weather according to our will. Or else with the help of tank, we can go wild in the city.

Buying Cool Sports Vehicles

Buying Sports Vehicles in GTA V
Buying Sports Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V

After completion of Main Story, we will be having a heft amount of money. So, where we are going to spend that money? Well, we can buy some sports cars or bikes. Even we can buy flights, choppers, or military vehicles.

And so on we can do much more in Grand Theft Auto V even if we have beaten the story mode.

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