HBO released new footage of the Game of thrones new season.


HBO released new footage of the Game of thrones new season.

The mother of all TV series is almost at the end. The final season of Game of thrones is going to air on 14th April 2019. Finale of finales is going to be epic in so many levels and it’ll be the 1st of its kind on small screen.

Though HBO has not released the official trailer for the latest season of Game of thrones, we got to see some Game of thrones footage from HBO’s upcoming shows in 2019.

Watch the footage from HBO here:

In this video, we see Daenerys and Jon snow in winterfell. This marks the first time, Daenerys Targaryen stepping on winterfell’s soil. This also marks the first occasion of Sansa stark meeting the mother of dragons. Meeting between Danereys and Sansa stark would be interesting to watch as it would put two power houses side by side. Also, we should watch how Sansa would get along with Danereys.

In the footage, we can see Sansa hugging Jon snow affectionately as Jon has been away from home for a long time. We can also see the full army of unsullied and Drogon marching into winterfell. Needless to say this is the very first occasion where the entire north is witnessing the mighty dragons.

During this particular scene, it can be observed that apart from Arya Stark, all the other commoners of winterfell were afraid of seeing Drogon, the oldest and largest dragon of the queen of dragons. This scene re-emphasizes why Arya is such a badass. It is safe to assume that this is going to be a goosebumps scene from the first episode of season 8.

This is the very first time Arya Stark is meeting Jon after the 2nd episode from the 1st season of Game of Thrones. This is one reunion everyone is looking forward to as Jon snow is the main reason why Arya has actually returned home. If we remember, Arya was on her way to kill Cersei lannister only to be stopped by Hot Pie when he told that Jon and Sansa have retaken winterfell from the boltons after killing Ramsay bolton in the battle of the bastards.

Arya loves Jon snow more than her own brothers. Why wouldn’t she? After all, Jon is the one who taught her to fight and gifted her with the needle which she cherishes to this day.

Arya stark and Jon snow were very close before Jon departing to the wall to join the night watch. It would be a memorable scene to look forward to. All the fans are eagerly anticipating to watch this in the 1st episode of season 8.

However, there are some unanswered questions from the questions such as where the kingslayer Jaime lannister is, what cersei’s reaction would be after her brother abandoning her etc. All in all it would be a season of epic proportions and we at otakuwire are waiting for April 7 to watch the final season of Game of thrones.

This footage also shows Sir Jora Mormant standing by the side of Daenerys Targaryen and Brinenne of tarth standing by Sansa’s side. Tyrion is yet to be seen anywhere in the pre release footage.

Just In: HBO has just released their official poster for GOT season 8 and they look absolutely stunning. There is one particular poster with the night king on the iron throne, the sight of which frightens us mere mortals. HBO is upping the ante with these poster and few teases. Waiting for the release of the official trailer of Game of thrones season 8!!!

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