All movies to watch before Avengers Endgame – Ultimate recap of the MCU


Marvel Cinematic Universe is truly a universe in itself with a whopping 21 films in it with the 22 nd one slated to release on April 26 this year. Marvel has managed to create a bond with its fans so strong that every hardcore fan might have watched every single movie multiple times. Some might have not and there may be some who may have missed a few movies down this 10 year journey. To help those people, we have come up with an article that lets you know all the major things you need to know from each of the 21 films, in chronological order of the events, before watching the Avengers: Endgame.

1. Captain America: The First Avenger (1943-45)

As the title of the movie suggests, the story is about the first ever Avenger, the righteous Captain America. Here, you see a young Steve Rogers, determined to fight for his country in the army but unable to get through due to his short and thin physique. Everything changes when his determinations help him get selected for the secret Project Rebirth. Dr Erskine and Howard Stark help him become a super soldier using a special serum and other scientific devices. Steve Rogers helps the US army in the fight against Nazis, especially Red Skull who has the Tesseract with him. When Red Skull tries to hold the Tesseract, the power of Space Stone within it sends him to a distant planet, Vormir. The Tesseract falls into a deep ocean and Captain America crashes hit plane into a glacier to save human lives. Captain America wakes up around 70 years later in a hospital, after a long spell of hibernation and gets to know about S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers program by Nick Fury..

2. Captain Marvel (1990s)

In 1995, a Kree citizen and a member of the Starforce, Vers, has a flash of memories from time to time but has no idea what she is seeing. Yon-Rogg, her mentor always asks her to control the powers she has and use physical strength and mental calm to fight during battles. During a Kree-Skrull battle, Vers escapes the custody of Skrulls and falls on Earth. Her presence on the planet attracts Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D towards her. Over time, Vers starts getting a hang of the visions she has. She understands that she was a human once, named Carol Danvers and used to work for US Air Force. She used to do test runs flying jets with high speed engines for her mentor Wendy Lawson. Danvers remembers how Lawson had revealed to her a Kree scientist who wanted to help the Skrulls, as they were on the right side of things. She also asks Danvers to blast off the engine so that Yon Rogg and the Kree army do not get hold of the Tesseract. However, when Danvers attempts to disintegrate the engine, an explosion takes place sending Danvers flying, leaving her unconscious. These energy waves emanated by the explosion gives Danvers her superhuman powers, which makes her the Captain Marvel. She later uses her power to defeat the Kree army and ships and the army of Ronan the Accuser, single-handedly. The Tesseract is left with the S.H.I.E.L.D and Danvers leaves Earth to take the Skrulls to a safe haven. Before leaving, Danvers give Fury his pager back with some slight modifications in it and asks him to call for her help but only in emergencies.

3. Iron Man (2010)

Iron Man is the brainchild of the Billionaire Genius Tony Stark. Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark and owner of the Stark Industries, was a child prodigy who achieved a ton of things right from his early age. Just like his father, he mainly deals with the US Military to improve defence system. He also sells his products to other government bodies as well. During one such meeting in Afghanistan, a few terrorists capture him to create weapons for them. The explosion led to Tony having shrapnel in his body but a fellow captive, a doctor, helps him by placing an electromagnetic reactor near his heart to keep the small pieces of shrapnel from spreading. With the time in hand, he creates a suit for himself using scrap metal, which he later uses to kill off the terrorists and escape the imprisonment. Upon his arrival back in his country, he dedicates all his time in improving the suit and integrate it with the device in his body. He also uses Jarvis, an AI, to make the suit more responsive and active. However, his father’s friend and senior member in the board of Stark Industries, Obadish Stane turns against him and starts creating his own suit. Obadish takes away the device from Tony and leaves him to die. However, Tony installs the arc reactor that Pepper Pots gifted him to save his life. He then suits up in his brand new Iron Man suit and later defeats the suit of Obadish Stane. The movie ends on a high point when Tony Stark reveals himself as the Iron Man to the public, a first ever in any of the superhero movies till then. Nick Fury approaches Tony in the end and tells him that he is not the only superhero here and about the Avengers Initiative.

3.Iron Man 2(2011)

Tony has been busy making improvements in his Iron Man suit with the help of his personal AI, Jarvis. He has been quite popular around the world since his revelation as Iron Man but has been responsible for world peace among all the superpowers. However, it is natural that everyone in the world is after the tech that Tony has. One of the many such people is Ivan Vanko, son of Anton Vanko who worked with Howard Stark. Ivan has built himself two whips that produce high voltages of electricity. He confronts Tony on a racetrack but Tony manages to suit up and fight off the imminent threat. He soon understands that he needs to create a better suit to withstand such forces. Hammer Industries, a rival company of Stark Industries, knows that they are at least 20 years behind schedule to produce tech that Tony has. Therefore, they hire Ivan Vanko to create tech for them. He does bring about some changes in their tech to create multiple drone weapons and further manages to improve his own electric whips. S.H.I.E.L.D assigns Agent Romanoff (Black Widow) to assist Stark in the mission. Later in the battle, Tony and Rhodes (War-Machine) manages to kill Vanko and save the day once again. In the end, Nick Fury tells Tony that he is unfit to be part of the Avengers initiative but would need his assistance in the tech department.

4. Incredible Hulk (2011)

Incredible Hulk is the story of how a scientist manages to become a beast like Hulk. Bruce Banner and Betty Ross conduct an experiment to study how humans can resist certain types of radiation. During this experiment, Banner gets exposed to the gamma radiations, creating a condition in him that brings out a green beast within him when he cannot remain calm. This green beast is the Hulk and can literally smash away things that come in his way. Throughout the movie, Banner fights off his inner beast and manages to control how the Hulk comes out of him. Later, he is to fight against the huge demon, Abomination, created out of another radiation experiment. Hulk manages to win the fight and later wakes up in a hospital, where Tony Stark meets him to tag him in the Avengers team.

5. Thor (2011)

In Thor, the movie, we get introduced to an alien world of Asgard and the different Gods from there. Thor, the God of Thunder and Loki, the God of Mischief are the two sons of Odin, the King of Asgard. Thor is touted to be the heir to the throne to which Loki reacts sorely. Loki and Thor fight against each other with their respective army. Odin sends Thor to Earth for an exile and imprisons Loki. Odin reveals to Loki about his true parentage. He tells him that he adopted him from his planet Jotunheim. On Earth, Thor meets a group of scientists, Jane Foster, Dr. Eric Selvig and Darcy Lewis. He starts liking Jane Foster over time. Later, Thor visits a place where a satellite had fallen from space. Thor very well knows what that is, his hammer, Mjolnir. When Thor tries to pick it up, he is not able to, as he has lost his worthiness after his banishment from Asgard. Later when the Destroyer attacks Earth, Thor tries to save his human friends. The Destroyer slaps him hard to leave him almost unconscious. However, this act of selflessness makes him worthy enough to wield his hammer. Thor lifts his hand and the hammer flies from its spot to Thor’s hand. Thor easily kills the Destroyer and goes back to Asgard to defeat Loki. He does so with the help of his hammer and Loki falls into the space abyss from the Bifrost. In the post credits scene, we get to see S.H.I.E.L.D approaching Dr. Eric Selvig to study about the Tesseract.

6. The Avengers (2012)

Loki arrives on Earth (sent by Thanos) with a scepter that has the Mind Stone in it. His mission is to get the Tesseract that contains the Space Stone in it. During the greatest need of the hour, Earth’s mightiest superheroes are brought together at S.H.I.E.L.D. No one gets along with each other but the death of Agent Coulson leaves everyone devastated. Everyone joins hands and we get to see all the six original Avengers together in action for the first time. Captain America. Iron Man. Hulk. Thor. Black Widow. Hawk Eye. Loki uses the space stone to open the portal to bring in the Chitauri Army and destroy the city of New York. Here, we see Hulk smashing everything to pieces, Captain America being the leader of the Avengers, Hawkeye being the eyes for everyone, Iron Man and Thor handling the threat from air and Black Widow helping Cap at the ground. Black Widow manages to close the portal using the scepter but Iron Man has to kill the Chitauri space ship on the other side of the portal to stop the inflow of the army and to kill all of them on Earth. Iron Man goes on a one-way trip taking an atomic bomb through the closing portal and manages to blast off the spaceship. Right when everyone thinks that it is the end of Iron Man, he falls back into Earth through the portal at high velocity. Hulk catches him and takes on the impact. Iron Man takes a breath, leading to everyone being happy. The Avengers initiative was a success. Thor takes back Loi and the Tesseract back to Asgard.

7. Iron Man 3 (20137)

Here, we see a Tony Stark that is completely devastated after the Battle of New York. He is afraid for his loved ones and hence builds multiple suits similar to his Iron Man suits. Furthermore, he is still working along with Jarvis to make improvements in his suit. In comes the villain of the story, Mandarin, who is carrying out bombings on different US military bases and other locations to kill hundreds of civilians and army personnel. Tony issues a warning to Mandarin on national television and asks him to come to his home to get him. Mandarin obliges and blows off his house. Jarvis manages to help Tony escape with his suit. He rebuilds the suit and finds the location of Mandarin with the help of Rhodes. However, Tony gets to know the Mandarin is just a British TV actor being manipulated by Aldrich Killian’s Extremis program. Killian says that he is the one responsible for all the bombings and how his Extremis experiments managed to do all this with ease. Iron Man and War Machine manage to kill Killian and his men, albeit a little help from Pepper Pots in the end. After the Battle, Tony asks Jarvis to discontinue the functioning of all the other suits, as now he wants to focus on his love, Pepper Pots. He treats himself with a surgery to remove the shrapnel from his body and takes off his triangular chest reactor as well. He throws it away, saying that he will always be Iron Man, with or without the arc reactor.

8. Thor: The Dark World (2014)

Here, we see the alien world largely with most of the events occurring on Asgard and other planets. When Jane Foster finds the spot of Convergence of Nine Realms, on planet Earth, the portal sucks her to transport her to another world. Here, she is infected by the Aether (Reality Stone). The activity of Aether awakens the Dark Elves, hibernating for thousands of years. When Jane comes back to Earth, Thor grows to her worried for her. He finds out that something is wrong with her and takes her to Asgard to treat her. Odin finds that she has Aether in her and this means trouble for everyone. He understands that Dark Elves will be at his doorstep any time. When Malekith attacks Asgard, he destroys everything but Thor and Loki manage to escape with Jane. With Jane’s health deteriorating with each minute, Thor decides to take her to Malekith. Malekith absorbs all the Aether from Jane to take control of the Dark World. Thor returns to Earth with Jane. When Malekith arrives on Earth to destroy the Universe and spread darkness, Thor manages to defeat him and send him to another world where he dies. Thor returns to Asgard and tells Odin that he no longer wishes to have the throne. However, Loki reveals himself to be dressed as Odin.

9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Two years after the events of New York, Captain America is getting used to the 21 st century in a calm manner. He befriends a war veteran Sam Wilson (Falcon) while jogging. He then meets Black Widow and goes for a mission. He does not understand the secret missions she has been going from time to time and asks for an explanation from Nick Fury. Fury tells Cap about Project Insight and about the secret fight against HYDRA. Cap gets a visit from his old pal, Bucky Barnes, believed to be dead all this while. HYDRA had picked him up 70 years ago and made him an indestructible soldier with a super-arm, made of metal. The HYDRA agents erase all his memories and makes him a brutal assassin. Cap does not want to fight his best friend but has to when thousands of lives are at stake. HYDRA initiates three helicarriers to kill 700,000 targets but Cap manages to override the mechanism after fighting a long battle with Bucky, aka, Winter Soldier. After overriding the mechanism, the helicarriers crash into the sea with Cap thrown away. Bucky saves him before walking away for good. In the end, we see Cap, Fury and Black Widow at the grave of Fury himself. He tells them that he will be available to contact whenever they need him. In the post credits scene, we see Captain America telling Falcon that he is going to look for his friend, Bucky. We also see the remaining HYDRA agents working on a pair of twins with superhuman strengths.

10. Guardians of Galaxy (2014)

This is the first time we see a movie almost completely made in a world other than Earth. Here, we see Peter Quill (Star-Lord) looking for the Orb on planet Morag. He finds it but soon gets into a battle with Korath and his men. Quill fights them off and gets back to his ship to his mentor Yondu. Yondu asks for the Orb but Quill wants to sell it on his own and sets out on finding the right buyer. Meanwhile, Korath tells his master Ronan that Quill has the Orb. He sends Gamora to get the Orb for him, so that he can trade it with Thanos in exchange of decimation of the planet Xandar. Rocket and Groot are chasing Quill to get the bounty on his head. When the Broker gets to know about Thanos’s involvement in the Orb, he cuts the deal with Quill. When Quill tries to sell it somewhere else, he meets Gamora and the rest of them. Nova Corps arrest all of them for handling Orb. During the imprisonment, Drax (an inmate) wants to Kill Gamora (daughter of Thanos), as Thanos was responsible for the loss of his family. Ronan gets to know how Gamora is double-crossing him and gives Thanos this information. Thanos asks him to get the Orb at any cost. Quill and other escape the prison and go to The Collector to sell the Orb but Drax had called Ronan there to kill him. A fight takes place and Ronan gets hold of the Orb and uses the Power Stone in it to power his hammer. Ronan ditches Thanos and intends to use the Power Stone himself to destroy Xandar. In a later battle, Quill tricks Ronan with his antics and steals the Power Stone from him. He tries to sacrifice himself by destroying the Power Stone with himself. Gamora, Drax, Roketa and Groot too come in to hold the Orb. They all manage to subside the power of the infinity stone and put it back in the orb with Ronan dying in the explosion. In the end, they become the Guardians of Galaxy. Quill gives the Orb to the Nova Corps to keep it secure. He gets to know that he is half-human and half- something, enabling him to survive the powers of the infinity stone.

11. Guardians of Galaxy 2 (2014)

The Guardians now live off selling expensive goods and relics from around the Universe. While fighting off the Sovereign people for a bunch of rare batteries, the guardians escape the planet and crash land onto a planet called Ego. There everyone finds out about Ego, father of Quill. Ego is actually a celestial and is a planet in himself. This is where Quill gets to know that he is half-human and half-celestial. Quill’s happiness does not last for long, as he discovers about the true nature of his father. Ego wants to destroy all the planets in order to be the only planet in the Universe. Ego wanted to have a child who can produce enough energy to combine with his power to destroy the planets. This is the reason why he made so many children all around the Universe to find his successor and Peter was just one of the million children he had. When Quill finds out that Ego killed his mother, he snaps and turns against Ego. All the guardians help Quill get out of Ego’s control and kill him for good. Baby Groot plants a bomb at the core of the planet to destroy Ego, the celestial. However, this also leads to Quill losing all his celestial powers.

12. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

All the Avengers are brought back in action when HYDRA is back at their usual deeds. They create the twin super humans in the shape of Scarlett Witch and Quick Silver. The Avengers fight off the new threats and take the HYDRA leader under their custody. Tony and Banner accelerate their Ultron program using the Mind Stone, to create an AI based army that can fight off the enemy armies. However, the plan backfires and Ultron turns against its creators and wants to end all human life. He hires Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver to fight for him. Ultron gets into an experiment where he transforms his form to a synthetic body using the Mind Stone. Scarlett Witch reads Ultron’s mind to understand his deeds and sabotages the process. When Ultron tries to leave the facility with the cradle, Black Widow and Scarlett Witch manage to take the cradle back to the Avengers. In a later experiment, when Banner and Stark are creating Vision with the help of Jarvis, Cap, Falcon and Quick Silver tries to stop them, as they do not want another Ultron. However, Thor intervenes and send a thunder down the cradle to power it once again, leading to the creation of Vision. Vision only has the good in him and wants to side the Life and not the machines. He helps Avengers defeat Ultron and his machine army. He sticks with the Avengers for the wars to come. In the post credit scene, we see Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and saying that he will collect the infinity stones himself.

13. Ant-Man (2015)

We see Scott Lang, a petty criminal coming out of the prison and finding it hard to make a living. His life changes when he breaks into a high security vault to find a mysterious suit that shrinks him to a size of an ant. He later finds out that the owner (Hank Pym) of the suit wanted him to get the suit and help him fight the imminent threat of something similar used as a human weapon. Darren Cross, a former protégé of Hank Pym, is able to build a prototype that is capable of shrinking into the size of an ant. Pym teaches Scott Lang to use the suit of Ant-Man to his advantage. Pym tells his daughter Hope Van Dyne about her mother’s death. Pym tells her how they were in a battle themselves decades ago and how her mother had to go into the sub-atomic state to save stop the atomic bomb from bursting. However, this decision of her leaves in the Quantum Realm forever. In the battle between Scott Lang and David Cross’s prototype, Scott faces a similar situation where he has to go into a sub-atomic state in order to save the world. When he enters the Quantum Realm, he starts getting lost in it but somehow manages to gather strength to click on his button to get back to the normal size. In the end credits scene, Pym reveals the Wasp Suit to his daughter and tells her that she may use it now if she wants to.

14. Captain America: The Civil War (2016)

This movie is all about the Avengers splitting in two factions because of Captain America not siding with the Sokovian Accords. The government wants to bring the Avengers program under their control, as the Avengers have been responsible for thousands of deaths in the process of saving the world. Cap disagrees with it, as it involves the imprisonment of his friend Bucky Barnes, leading to Iron Man getting upset. Helmut Zemo, a war veteran who lost his family during the Battle of Sokovia, blames the Avengers for his loss. Therefore, he wants to finish them off and he understands that the only way to do is pitting them against each other. He controls Bucky Barnes to destroy a meeting in which T’Chaka, the Black Panther dies. This prompts the successor, T’Challa looking for him. Meanwhile, Cap and Falcon who have been looking for Bucky from two years finally finds him. They try to make him remember his past and does so gradually. However, Iron man is furious when he gets to know that Bucky killed his parents. Iron Man builds his own team to fight against Cap and his team. Black Panther and Spiderman are the two new superheroes introduced in this movie. Ant-man too joins the fight from Cap’s side. A grand battle takes place between the Avengers, ending in Tony and Cap fighting against each other. Iron Man just leaves the battle when he finds that Cap too knew about his parents’ death. Cap takes Bucky to Wakanda with Black Panther to cure him off his injuries and bring back his arm.

15. Spiderman: Homecoming (2016)

Post the battle of New York, Adrian Toomes and his men are collecting the remains of the Chitauri army to use the tech in their own experiments or sell it in the market. However, they are stopped by a Damage Control team and take away all their belongings. Toomes does not like this one bit and later finds out that Tony Stark is behind it. He, along with his few workers, keep finding more of the remains of the Chitauri army. With all the parts, he creates a machine for himself that allows him to fly and attack whatever he wants. He calls it the Vulture. Meanwhile Peter Parker is busy balancing his life between a high-school student and his alter-ego superhero Spiderman. Peter gets to know about The Vulture and tries to stop them at all costs. Vulture and his men are determined to steal tech from around the world, specifically the tech that Tony Stark has. In a battle sequence. Peter manages to defeat Toomes and leave him with the weapons for the Police to arrest him. Peter is later met by Happy who takes him to the Avengers HQ. Here, he meets Iron Man and tells him that he is going to reveal him as the next Avenger. However, Peter declines the offer and says that he just wants to be a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

16. Doctor Strange (2016-2017)

Doctor Steven Strange is a leading Neurosurgeon in US. His hands are everything to him as he uses them for surgery. However, in an accident, he loses control of his hands and cannot perform surgeries. He gets to know about how one of his patients is perfectly fine now, given that he left him half-paralysed. The patient tells Strange to visit Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu to find all the answers he needs. Strange meets with the Ancient One, the Master of Mystics. Wong and Mordu help him in the training and Strange slowly finds about the philosophy of life and the endless possibilities the Universe has in store for everyone. He understands about different dimensions in the world, including Quantum Realm. He gets to know about using powers from these dimensions. Furthermore, he gets introduced to the Time Stone, stored in the Eye of Agamotto. He tries to wear the eye and get past in time to understand how time works in different dimensions. He manages to reach the Dark Dimension as well, where there is no role of time. He manages to understand the secrets of Book of Cagliostro as well. Kaecilius wants to have the power to be immortal just like the Ancient One. He makes a deal with Dormamu to let him have the power and in return, he can destroy the Earth if he wants to. Later, in a battle against Kaecilius , Doctor Strange manages to go to the dark dimension to confront Dormamu. When Strange asks him to leave Earth, Dormamu kills Strange but this leads to a time loop that repeats itself every time Strange dies. Strange manages to make a deal with Dormamu and asks him to leave Earth for good to get out of the time loop. Strange returns back to Earth and sends Kaecilius and his men to the Dark Dimension. Strange then puts back the Time Stone in the Kamar-Taj, believing that he has to learn a lot before wielding the powers of the Time Stone fully.

17. Thor: Ragnarok (2018)

Thor defeats Surter, the fire demon, and takes his crown to safeguard Asgard from Ragnarok (destruction of Asgard). Upon reaching Asgard, Thor finds out that Loki is ruling the planet, disguised as Odin. When Thor threatens Loki, he reveals the location of Odin. They both reach Earth to meet Odin in Norway. Odin reveals that there is no stopping the Ragnarok, as their sister Hela will come back to Asgard to destroy everything. Hela did not attack Asgard all this while as Odin was alive and now that he is about to die, she will surely return. Just when he says this, Odin dies and Hela arrives there to confront her brothers, Thor and Loki. She destroys Mjolnir and uses the Bifrost to send them to a distant planet, Sakaar, and she herself goes to Asgard. She takes the reign of Asgard in her own hands and kills all the loyal soldiers.

Thor and Loki meet the Grandmaster in Sakaar who asks Thor to fight the champion in a pit fight. Here he faces Hulk to everyone’s surprise. Hulk had reached Sakaar when he left Earth on a quinjet after the battle against Ultron. Thor, Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie team up together to beat Hela and take back Asgard. In the final battle scene, Thor finally becomes the God of Thunder just like his father said. He uses thunder to defeat Hela. He then puts Surter’s crown in the eternal flame to destroy Asgard the planet and to consume Hela with it. Here, we also see Loki looking at the Tesseract here. After the battle, Thor takes the civilisation of the planet on a spaceship to relocate them in another planet. He remembers his father’s words that Asgard is not a planet but the people living in it, thus destroying the planet but saving the people.

18. Black Panther (2018)

This is probably the best origin story of all the characters in the MCU. Here, we get to see Black Panther getting initiated in his country, Wakanda. Wakanda stays close to the outside world and is regarded as one of the most backward countries in the whole world. However, the truth is far from it, as Wakanda is hands-down the most technologically advanced country in the world. Wakanda has an invisible net that hides it from the outside world. Some of the people from Wakanda do live in other countries as well to understand the world in a better way. The reason for Wakanda’s incredible technological advancements is the presence of Vibrainum, the most versatile metal in the Universe. They use the metal for everything, from healthcare to transport. Black Panther’s suit is also made of Vibrainum, making it indestructible. Shuri, T’Challa’s sister is the brains behind all the tech. In the outside world, we see Klaue looking to steal a piece of Vibrainum from a museum, with the help of a person called Eric Stevens. When the Black Panther gets to know about Klaue resurfacing, he leaves Wakanda to find him. A battle takes place but Black Panther is not able to get hold of Klaue. Erick Stevens, aka, Killmonger kills Klaue and takes him to the borders of Wakanda. He reveals himself as the son of N’Jobu and demands a fight against the T’Challa, The Black Panther. T’Challa finds that his father had killed N’Jobu for wrong reasons and this is why Killmonger has come to avenge the death of his father. In the battle, Killmonger wins by pushing T’Challa off the cliff.

Killmonger becomes the new Black Panther and brings a new order in the realm. He even burns the heart-shaped herbs that are used in the initiation process. He orders the Wakandan weapons to be delivered to the Wakandan operatives spread around the world. He wants to help the Black people who have been living under oppression all this while. Meanwhile, the Jabari tribe had saved T’Challa after he fell off from that cliff. Nakia brings him back to life with the herb she had stolen before Killmonger burnt it all. T’Challa comes back and a fight take place between him and Killmonger. The Dora Milaje and the Jabari tribe side T’Challa and the rest of the Wakandan army is with Killmonger, as they have to support the Black Panther. In the final battle sequence. T’Challa and Killmonger fight in the heart of the Vibranium mine. T’Challa uses the sonic disruptors to his advantage and manages to defeat Killmonger. T’Challa takes him out of the cave and offers to heal him. However, Killmonger declines the offer and dies as a free man.

19. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

We see Thor, Heimdall and the rest of the Asgardians dead or down on their knees. Ebony Maw walks over all of them, telling them about how they are doing the right thing by sacrificing their lives for the greater good in order to balance the world. We then get to see Thanos, who asks Loki to hand over the Tesseract. Loki tries to be mischievous and calls in Hulk to attack Thanos. At first, Hulk beats Thanos but then then Thanos beats the pulp out of Hulk (now, that’s a first). Heimdall uses the Bifrost for one last time to send Hulk back to Earth. Loki is forced to give up the Tesseract when Thanos tortures Thor. Thanos shatters the Tesseract to reveal the Space Stone in it. He adds it to his infinity gauntlet, which already has the Power Stone in it. It is assumed that he got it after destroying the Nova Corps. Thanos kills Loki when he tries to stab him, ending one of the best characters in the MCU. He then leaves to collect the rest of the stones one by one.

Banner falls into the Sanctum to meet Doctor Strange and Wong. Strange brings in Tony and seeks to find solutions for the whole scenarios. Banner tells them that Thanos is after the infinity stones and they have to find, Vision to safeguard the Mind Stone, since Time Stone is with Doctor Strange himself. However, they are soon met with Ebony Maw and his followers. Hulk does not come out of Banner, as he is too scared to come out after the beating it got from Thanos and because of Hulk being in that state for too long before the incident. Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Wong fights with Ebony Maw capturing Strange in order to take out the Time Stone from his chain. Spiderman too comes to the rescue to help his mentor, Iron Man. When Ebony Maw takes Strange to his ship to retrieve the Time Stone by any means, Tony Stark and Spiderman too gets on the spaceship. They manage to kill Maw and free Strange and the reach the planet of Titan. Meanwhile on Earth, Vision and Scarlett Witch are under attack with the other Children of Thanos. This is when Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon comes to their rescue. They take Vision to the Avengers facility where they meet Rhodes. They deduce that taking the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head is the only way of saving Vision and the Mind Stone. Since they do not have any such tech, Cap take everyone to Wakanda.

Meanwhile, in space, Thanos meet The Guardians. Thanos changes the reality using the Reality Stone, which he got from The Collector, to dupe them. He manages to take away Gamora in order to get the Soul Stone, as she is the only one with any knowledge about the Stone. Gamora first declines but says yes when Thanos tortures Nebula in front of her. Gamora takes Thanos to Vormir, an abandoned planet protected by Red Skull. Red Skull tells Thanos that he will have to sacrifice something that he loves in order to get the stone. Thanos pushes Gamora off the cliff to sacrifice her. Thanos then adds the Soul Stone to his gauntlet. In the mean time, the Guardians reach planet Titan, looking for Gamora but only to confront Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider Man. They understand that they all are after the same men.

Thor, Rocket and Groot have been in search of the planet Nidavellir to create a hammer strong enough to defeat Thanos. Thor is able to create a Hammer after various efforts and names it the Stormbreaker. With Cap and the rest of the Avengers at Wakanda, they task Shuri to take care of Vision and the Mind Stone. She finds a solution but is not able to complete it when the Outriders attack the facility. Meanwhile on planet Titan, Thanos reaches to get the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. He fights off Guardians and Avengers When he is about to kill Iron Man, Doctor Strnage gives up his Time Stone. Thanos adds the stone to his gauntlet and leaves for Wakanda to get the last infinity stone, Mind Stone. When Thanos comes to Wakanda, no Avenger can match up to his powers, especially with the infinity stones he has. Thor manages to wield his Stormbreaker on Thanos’s chest but is not able to kill him. Thanos tells him that he should have gone for the head and then SNAP…..

Thanos, a man of his words, do snap and wipes out half the life from Earth. Half the Avengers die with only the original six remaining alive. We See Nick Fury and Agent Hill dying as well but Fury manages to give a distress call to Captain Marvel just before he dies.

20.Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

The movie opens with Hank Pym and his wife Janet Van Dyne shrinking to ant-size to save the country from a Soviet Union atomic bomb. Janet goes the size of sub-atomic to get into the steel plates but gets stuck in the Quantum Realm. However, with Scott Lang returning from the Quantum Realm, he tells them that there is chance to bring back Janet. Lang having travelled back from Quantum Realm is entangled with Janet on a quantum level and hence gets flashes of images. Hope and Pym kidnap Lang from his house arrest and then create a stable tunnel to take a vehicle through the quantum realm. Sonny Burch helps them with some parts used to build the tunnel. However, Burch double-crosses them, sighting the profits he could get from Pym particles and the associated technology. Hope dons the Wasp outfit and fights of Burh and his men but is attacked by a quantumly unstable masked woman. Lang helps Hope to fight off the Ghost woman. The Ghost escapes with Pym’s lab that has been shrink to the size of a briefcase. They then visit Bill Foster, who worked with Hank Pym decades ago. The masked woman reveals herself to be Ava Star. Her father Elihas accidently had killed himself and his wife during a Quantum experiment. Foster reveals that he has been helping Star get her out of her state of constant phasing, using Hope’s quantum energy. Pym refuses to help in fear of jeopardising Janet’s life inside the Quantum Realm. The trio of Pym, Lang and Hope escape from there. They manage to open a stable version of the tunnel and get the exact location of Janet this time. However, she warns them that they would have just 2 hours to save her until they get separated for a century due to the unstable nature of the realm. In the end, Pym goes into the Quantum realm to bring back his wife and Lang and Hope fight Ava Star and Burch’s men in the outside world. Hope comes back to Earth and gives some of her energy to Star to stabilise her. In the post credits scene, we see Lang, Pym and Janet doing another one of their Quantum Realm experiments with Lang inside it this time. However, Pym and Janet die due to the result of Thanos’s snap and Lang stay inside the Quantum Realm.

21. Captain Marvel – 2019

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