Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Walkthrough Itacua Province


Amaru’s Rescue | Itacua Walkthrough

Locate the Santa Blanca lieutenant, Grab the lieutenant and interrogate him. Amaru is being held in a cell located in the house on the Atollo Farm, guarded by several sicarios. Open the cell and talk to Amaru. Extract Amaru to Itacua Echo.

After Amaru rescue, players go to follow an Intel to find the location of El Polito’s Sports Car to steal it.

Culta’s Prisoner | Itacua Walkthrough

“Culta’s Prisoner” mission is to be on the mountain’s side. From there you can see the whole battlefield with all enemies. Use binoculars or drone to tag enemies for synchronized shots. If you have a sniper rifle with a silencer, you can eliminate the enemies.

El Polito’s Sports Car Mission +Pac Katari Communication convoy

El Politos Sports Car Mission: El Polito has a thing for high-end sports cars with the latest electronic gear. If we could get our hands on that car, our techs could pull a lot of intel from its onboard systems.

The car is located at Santa Blanca’s Itacua base. Get in, get the car, and get out. Steal the car and drive out. Be careful, do not let to destroy the car. Drive El Polito’s car to Itacua Charlie, techs are going over El Polito’s car and downloading the contents of its GPS and cell phone. With luck, the data will give us the location of El Polito and La Yuri

Pac Kataries Communication convoy Mission: Stop a convoy and secure some communication supplies for Pac Katari, find some intel about Rebel Ops, and hold a radio transmitter for Pac Katari to make a broadcast

Armadillo’s Commander + Rebel Radio Mission

Armadillo’s Commander Itacua Walkthrough: This mission is to Interrogate the captain get the location of La Yuri y El Polito. Armadillo’s Commander” mission is the elimination of two snipers, placed in the highest towers in the base. You can do this by using synchronized shot that best way you can avoid the detection After Completion for this mission free the rebels from prison

Rebellion Rising: Rebellion Rising” is a complex mission that consists of a few tasks. It is a rather long mission but you can do it along with the other ones Before Armadillos commander mission I tag a communication convoy. After went search for few places about Rebels, are marked.

In each of the marked locations, you can find data that can help you in your investigation. When you have enough information, a village will be marked for you. You must get there to complete the mission In the village, to which you must go, are only civilians.

Your task is to activate the radio and defend it for about two minutes. I used mines field on both sides of the road to block the enemy vehicles. Then I used the machine guns to defend the place. If the time runs out and the radio is still intact, you finish the mission

La Yuri y El Polito | Itacua Walkthrough

La Yuri and El Polito are the two people that must be killed in order to finish the last mission in Itacua region. First, you must find and break into their hut. You can find it, more or less, in the centre of the yellow circle shown on the minimap. To open the door’s lock, use the interaction button.

When you are inside, order your teammates to join you. Otherwise, they stay outside and won’t help you in the fight. Finally, you get to the room where your targets are. But don’t shoot them through the glass because they are bulletproof. While crouching, go from the windows to the door.

Before you enter the next room, remove the silencer to deal more damage. When you are inside, kill the soldiers or they will kill you. La Yuri and El Polito won’t run away far from you so you are able to finally catch them. When you kill both of them, the last mission in this region is over.


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