Valorant: Patch 1.03 Major Changes


Gun changes in patch 1.03

No major changes to guns came around with this patch of valorant, the change that did come around this patch was to the guardian as follows.

  1. Price dropped to 2500 from 2700
  2. Wall Penetration is now changed to heavy.
  3. Rate of fire has been decreased to 4.75

These changes are appreciated by the community simply because the guardian was too expensive for use at the 2700 price point being only 200 cheaper than our favorite guns the phantom and the vandal. Being semi-automatic in nature made it a discouraging choice.

Spike rush Patch 1.03

A new orb was added to the spike rush mode called the twin hunters. This orb releases two hunting wolves that track down the nearest enemy and near sight them for 4 seconds on impact.

The wolves can be damaged and destroyed and have 150 HP. They have a timer of 15 seconds. These are potent orbs to catch flanks and to sniff out the enemies camping in a corner.

Showing off the twin hunters

Surrender changes or quality of life changes 

The significant change here is that you will now require only 4 out of 5 yes votes to surrender a game in unrated matches. 

Whereas competitive matches still require 5 out of 5 votes for a successful surrender.

The change to unrated might actually save you from some trolling and save you some grievances.

Deathmatch mode in Valorant

Riot has also confirmed from their twitter that a deathmatch mode will be added to the game although no fixed timeline has been quoted.

We will have to wait and watch when Riot officially announces the game mode, so keep your fingers crossed.

Elderflame Skin added to Valorant

As of 10th July 2020, patch 1.03 has been released in the form of a 1.3 GB update. The update has added the elder flame Skins that we all have been waiting for at the price point of 9900 valorant points. If you want to read more about these skins, click here

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