Secret Locations in Call of Duty: Mobile’s BR Mode


Battle Royale mode saw a tremendous change with the launch of season 7. New locations, equipment, tanks, a new class was all part of the major changes in BR mode. New locations like the Sanitarium, Black Market, Harbour, Ski Town, Frigid Wetlands, and Heat were added to the map. These new locations proved to be a surprise and welcome addition to the BR mode. Furthermore, these locations brought a fresh change of pace and scenery. That’s not all, the developers went a little further and added little easter eggs to the game too. The aerial platform is not the only place to find high-level loot anymore. There are secret locations within the map now! Have you been able to find these secret locations? If not, don’t worry, we are here to give you a guide to unlocking these hidden places.

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Call of Duty Mobile new locations in BR mode
Map of the BR mode in CoD Mobile

Hidden Room in Sanitarium

The Sanitarium area is pretty much a big building that kind of resembles a hospital. The secret room in the Sanitarium is located on the topmost floor of the main building. There is a room with a message next to it. This message is actually an Easter Egg and tells you what to do to open the locked room. The sign shows a drawing of a teddy bear face with number 8 written next to it. So effectively, you have to find eight teddy bears in the building and destroy them. Once done, you can hear the sound of a door opening and that’s your clue to head back to the top floor. Inside you’ll find level 3 vest, purple and golden equipment like quickdraw, heavy void mag, and tactical flashlight.

Secret room in Sanitarium, Call of Duty Mobile BR mode
Secret room in Sanitarium

Secret Bunker in Black Market

Black Market is one of the most exciting new locations on the map. It has a weapon wending machine, a vehicle vending machine where you can choose what you want. Also, there exists is a single Airborne machine. But amidst all this, there is a hidden bunker, the size a two-storied building. It is located towards the back of the vehicle vending building. There you’ll see a flight of stairs going down with the sign ‘one way’. The bunker is located behind the door here. Many people have figured out a way to get inside the bunker through glitches. These include parking vehicles next to the door, exiting and entering the game again, and so on. But these are not the right ways to get inside the secret bunker. If you do this, you won’t be able to get out of the bunker. Subsequently, the zone will get you and you will die!

Secret Bunker in Black Market. CoD Mobile BR Mode.
Entry to the Hidden Bunker in Black Market

To open the locked door, you need to head to Sanitarium and open the secret room there. Who would have thought that one key could open two doors! Finding and destroying the teddy bears would unlock the door to the bunker. Once you have destroyed all the teddy bears, head back to the black market and start exploring the bunker! You’ll find many supply boxes. One surprise addition inside the bunker is the ammunition vending machine. You could take any type of ammunition that you need. Now I have indeed seen it all in BR mode!

Secret Bunker in Black Market. Call of Duty Mobile BR mode.
Inside the secret Bunker

To watch a video showing how to open the secret locations, click here.

So these are the hidden locations that the developers want you to find. These secret locations have a lot of high-level loot just waiting to be discovered. In addition to these, Downtown has a Disco where you could play music. If you haven’t tried it, head over there for some fun. I hope you find the secret locations with this guide. If you know of any other hidden locations, comment below.

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