The A-tier characters in Valorant


We start off this part of our list from the A tier characters in Valorant to check out the S- tier characters please click the link here.

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Sova In Valorant
Sova the hunter

Sova is the Russian Hunter of Valorant, having spent a childhood as a hunter he is adept with the bow and arrow which is shown through his abilities.

  1. Recon Bolt

This is Sova’s signature ability what it does is simple to understand but requires a skilful hand to use correctly. The ability to give it 2 bounces before sticking it makes for some great angles.

Sova’s arrow can reveal any enemies in a radius that are in the direct path of his sonar. Extremely powerful tool for info gathering.

Recon bolt shines when someone knows the timing and the placement by heart, as it is easily avoided by hiding behind an object. 

  1.  Shock Arrows

This ability works similar to the recon bolt with 2 bounces these arrows can reach corners and get kills when used well. 

A single hit arrow can do 40-90 damage points depending on the epicentre of the hit and the enemy position. 

  1. Owl Drone

The owl drone is wrist mounted to Sova and costs a whopping 300 credits. The drone gives Sova the ability to safely check a site, check flanks. It can shoot the bolt that will reveal an enemy for a set period of time.

  1. Ultimate: Hunters Fury

Remember Hanzo from overwatch and his dragon. Sova’s ability works the same with a tiny little difference. It shoots 3 times in a row and reveals the enemy at the same time it’s an amazing ability that can change the tide of the round. It might even be the strongest ability in the game.

Sova is a great agent but has a skill cap on him anyone trying to use Sova as a main can spend hours on hours trying to come up with different angles on all maps for his arrow placements. The sheer versatility he brings makes him worthy of A-tier. 

Overtime Sova has the capability of breaking into S – Tier as the community finds new ways of using him.


this image shows omen in Valorant
Omen the Phantom

Omen is the resident Phantom of Valorant. How do you define the perfect agent for lurking around the map and outplaying your enemies? 

One word Omen. 

Omen is the character for the people that want to move around the map and generate doubt and fear in the hearts of the enemy team.

  1. Shadow Step

This ability allows Omen to teleport to different elevations and a distance. Giving an
audio queue to the enemy which alerts them of the teleport but does not give any    directional audio creating confusion on omen’s position

  1. Paranoia

This is a directional blind in that travels through walls making it one of the most versatile blind in the game it works just like Reyna’s blind near sighting the enemies. Since it travels a far distance it can be used from safety. 

  1. Dark Cover

These smokes allow Omen to block line of sight. What makes these smokes special is that they are omen’s signature ability which means that it is free of cost. Has a huge range of deployment and a 35 second restock capability. 

These are a better alternative for early game smokes. Allowing the team to save other more costly smokes for more crucial moments 

  1. Ultimate: From the Shadows

Omen’s ultimate allows him to teleport at any spot on the map freely, while rendering the mini-map useless for the enemies it also creates an opportunity for pushes by a coordinated team.

Omen is one of the best controllers in the game with the highest potential of tricking the enemies and making some mean outplays. If sneaking around is your style Omen is the perfect character for you.


This image shows Brimstone in Valorant
Brimstone the old dog

Last entry into the A tier is Captain Brimstone, the veteran and the old guy of Valorant. 

His position in the A-tier Comes from his exceptional utility belt that he executes out of his i-pad.

  1. Stim Beacons

These might be the only piece of brimstones utility I am unsure of, Stim beacons

Slightly increase the fire rate of your gun and movement speed. The only issue with the stim beacons is timing, in a dynamic game like valorant, it can be very hard to know when to use stim beacons to your advantage.

With engagements popping up everywhere stim beacons might not see much use, that being said it definitely does not hurt to have an outright advantage over your enemies in an upcoming engagement.

  1. Molly

Brimstones Molotov that does a huge chunk of damage is very capable of denying an area. Molly is best used to deny defusing the spike in post-plant scenarios or even stopping enemies from rushing. 

  1. Smoke Screen

These 15-second smokes are the best smokes in the game. The last for a long time and block line of sights effectively brimstone has 3 of these Creating and blocking pushes at the same time. 

  1. Ultimate: Orbital Strike

Raining holy hellfire down on his enemies from the sky Brimstones ult can kill groups of people in a flash, can be used to deny plants and deny an area. It is also highly effective at clearing out much-needed space during site pushes

Brimstone is just a bag of utility and great at denying areas and creating spaces, He is the definition of a controller in Valorant with great Character design. He would have broken into S-tier had his stim beacons Been more useful.

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