The best character tier list in Valorant


Valorant is Riot’s latest shooter that is making noise on the esports front and garnering a huge player base to boot. As the meta develops we are looking at the current tier list as of 15/july/2020. 

These rankings will change as the Meta develops for the high ranking gamers. I would say the tier list is also subject to change for different ranks of the game as well.

This tier list is for the irons to the high golds simply because at the higher ranks the style of play starts to change significantly.

The S-tier of valorant


Sage is a no brainer for S-Tier listing She is the only agent in-game with the ability to heal a teammate right now. Her ultimate can revive a dead teammate. This alone is enough to get her to the S-tier of Valorant play. 

Her barrier orb is one of the best ability to stall aggressive pushes added with her 7-second slow orb, it becomes a death pool for enemies when played right. 

Her ability to boost herself with the barrier orb makes it a great tool for creating new angles and gives her that aggressive power. This makes her most deserving of the S-tier in Valorant.


Cypher is our resident Morrocan with the Hi-tech drone for a hat that for his ultimate can detect all the enemy team in one go and reveal them instantly. All the campers beware.

Cypher is from the sentinel class and boy can he be annoying. His abilities make him the ultimate defender and significantly strong in a post plant scenario.

Tripwires is his first ability, If an enemy walks into this tripwire the will slow them down and reveal them at the same time if the tripwires are not destroyed in time the will cause a stun effect slowing you down even further.

Cyber cage is his second ability these can be pre-placed and activated from anywhere on the map by cypher at will these cages will give an audio queue when passed through by an enemy.

His signature ability is a camera, this camera can again be placed anywhere on the map and accessed at any point of time when cypher is alive. This camera will go invisible when not in use. 

Standalone cypher’s abilities are some of the best in-game but they show their ability best when used together and skillfully. Imagine using the cypher cage and tripwire to get some free kills on your enemies.


Breach is the swiss veteran with the million-dollar arms in Valorant. Before going forward with breach I would like to point out that he is a controversial pick for S-tier. Breach has a very high skill cap.

If you perfect your gameplay with breach you will hands down be the most dominant factor in the match.

Breach’s faultline reaches halfway through the map and stuns the enemy through any surfaces and through any elevation making them hard to hit but the most useful stuns in the game. Say you are not able to hit the faultline but you can be sure that you have opened that area for your teammates.

Aftershock is a deadly way to check and clear most camped corners creating space for your teammates and you to push.

Flashpoint is the best blinding tool in the game with the longest-lasting blinds making for easy kills.

Breach’s ultimate cover a huge area in a semi-conical shape stunning and sending anyone hit with ultimate flying as well as stunned with a fire rate hugely decreased. Making it the best disabling ability in the game.

Learning the angles is of the utmost importance for breach. Once you are familiar with breach you will be a force to be reckoned with.

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