Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2 – Missing in Action

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2 - Missing in Action
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2 – Missing in Action

Gameplay Plot of Missing in action

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2 – Missing in Action starts when Nomad finds that Sam fisher is in Aurora, and his location is an old navel fuel station on the northern side of the aurora. Nomad goes there and establishes radio contact with Sam fisher. He instructs Nomad to call his code name as deep Blue. In their friendly chat, they talk about the operation they carried out in Bolivia Operation Watchmen. In that mission, they share a name called Skell technologies large military equipment manufacturing company, producing armed drones, claws, etc. In Operation Watchmen, they find that the Skell lab is sharing the advanced weapons with Unidad. But our primary mission in the wildland is to eliminate the Bolivian drug cartels. But Here in Aurora, Nomad realized how dangerous Skell technologies weapons are. Sam shared that his mission is to find details about the mind-controlled drones.

Nomad with Assault Rifle
Nomad with Assault Rifle

As we know, Nomad comes to this island to search for details about missing cargo ships. But drones attack their choppers, and they fall into the Aurora. Nomad lost his team due to this crash, only a few bodies are found across the crash site. Once he lost all the team, he is now operating from Erweon small hiding location in Aurora run by old marine.

Nomad offers help to Sam fisher to carry one the Deep state mission. For meeting Sam fisher personally, Nomad goes to Navel Fuel station. First, he needs to infiltrate the compound, then only he can meet Sam Fisher.

meeting with sam fisher
meeting with sam fisher

Nomad uses the Drone to locate the enemies and mark them. Sentinel soldiers are with minimum gears, so it’s easier to eliminate them if our cover is blown. After removing all the enemies in the naval station, Nomad meets with Sam Fisher. Sam Fisher, actually investigating the kidnappings of military specialists. That is traced back to an individual on the island known as “The Strategist.” Sam shared the intel from he found from this location realized. Nomad that his friend Midas is service the helicopter crash and now held in prison. Nomad teams up with Sam fisher to complete his mission. After the chitty talks, Nomad accompanies sam fisher to a safe location Sam dive the vehicle, and Nomad is gunner seat to fight against the enemies coming to a stop them.

The fight seems too easy because the Gunner is leaching grenades. That does damage more to the vehicle than typical gunfire. After reaching the safe location, the next mission with sam reveals.

nomad in safe house
nomad in safe house

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2-Gameplay

Youtube link from the redgamestudio channel

Review of this mission: 

The player can easily infiltrate the enemies. They are carrying only minimum gear weapons. For me, the focus is to complete mission any cost, so I used a drone to spot enemies, but my cover blows during the starting time itself.

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