Is Missandei Dead or Alive? GOT S08E04 Updates: Here’s what happened to Missandei in Episode 4.


*******Major Spoilers **************
Is Missandei Dead or Alive? Fans have always known that Game of Thrones Season 8 would include a lot of death. The hit HBO series has never shied away from violence, and so it makes sense that the climactic final season would be the biggest and bloodiest yet.

Missandei death

Missandei is killed in the 4th episode of Game of thrones season 8. She was killed by the mountain on the orders of Cersei. She was executed in front of all Greyworm, Danereys, Tyrion, all the unsullied and Cersi and Euron. Danereys and Greyworm are enraged by the death of Missandei.

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Missandei death will be particularly difficult to digest as she has been a great companion and trusted advisor of the dragon queen Daenerys. With her death, Daenerys might become mad and take unreasonable decisions. Also, GreyWorm’s life kind of lost purpose after Missandei death.

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