The 100 season 6 episode 5 review | The Gospel of Josephine | Clarke’s acting masterclass


The 100 season 6 episode 5 has aired on this tuesday, 28th May 2019. The episode is titled “The Gospel of Josephine” and rightly so. The entire episode revolves around Josephine, the daughter of the primes Russell Lightborne and Simone Lightborne. In the previous episode we saw Josephine being resurrected into Clarke’s body, essentially wiping out all the memories of Clarke.

Secrets of the sanctum

There’s more in the Sanctum than what meets the eye. From the discussions of Bellamy and Murphy we come to know that there are caves beneath the fort. Whenever there is an eclipse, all the residents of sanctum hide in the caves. This explains their disappearance when Clarke and team first landed on the new planet.

Also, the artificially created radiation cover is the one which saves them from the bees. Raven is currently learning how to build the radiation cover. This might come handy in future where they run of into the jungle. .

the 100 season 6 episode 5 review

Josephines’ show all along

Coming to the main character of this episode, Josephine is one twisted, psychotic, sociopathic character. There’s not an iota of shame, guilt in the way in which they are manipulating the people of sanctum, taking their bodies in the naming ceremony. She actually justifies it by saying that it is something that needs to be done for the survival of the humans on the Sanctum.

Josephine is currently on a mission to find out who among the visitors have the nightblood or the royal blood as called by the people of sanctum.

Josephine is also trying to figure out how Abby has artificially transfused Clarke into a night blood. Once Josephine figures out the process, she wouldn’t mind transfusing the blood of all the people sleeping in the cryo and using them as hosts for all the primes of the Sanctum.

Reality behind the naming ceremony

Bellamy, John Murphy, Jordan break into the lab of the sanctum and watch the video of the first resurrection of Josephine. They now understand the threat they are in. The one the children of forest call the old man, Gabriel, the lover of Josephine is the first one to figure out how to bring back the dead using their mind drives created by Becca parmada.

In another scene, Bellamy figures out that the Clarke is not Clarke after all and is sent into a conscious coma by Josephine.

Will Murphy switch sides?

John murphy may be lured into the promise of immortality by Josephine. He might change loyalties given his cockroach attitude and mentality. Lets see what the next episodes have in store for Murphy.

As usual, Abby is preoccupied in crafting ways to get Kane alive. There was a slight moment of tension where Abby doubts about the identity of Clarke but Josephine was quick enough sidetrack that threat.

Diozya and Octavia – The new bad-ass pair

The new bad ass action pair Octavia and Disozya start their adventure in order to capture Gabriel. DIozya and Octavia are going to bond more during the course of the season and Diozya will teach Octavia, the much needed restraint and induce some common sense into her. This pair is the one to watch out for in the next episode.

Review of The 100 season 6 episode 5

Overall, this episode is Eliza Taylor’s show all the way. Eliza Taylor, the actor playing Clarke and now Josephine has done a terrific job in this episode. She has explored a cheeky, twisted character which has given a new dimension to her acting. The Gospel of Josephine is by far the best episode of the season 6 of The 100.

Coming to the most asked question this entire season,

Is Clarke dead?

She might be! Or she might still be alive, hiding in some corner of her own mind in her own body. No one knows about the fate of Clarke. As the show enters an exciting phase, everyone is on the edge of their seats to find out the unlimited possibilities of how the show will proceed from now on.

From the outset, Clarke looks like dead. The show runners might have thought of eliminating the character of Clarke and replace it with more twisted Josephine. This move will bring out a fresh angle into the show. But, given the popularity of the character of Clarke, it seems highly unlikely.

Questions that needs to be answered in the upcoming episodes of The 100:

  • Will Murphy change his allegiance and loyalty?
  • What happens to Bellamy?
  • How are they going to revive Clarke?
  • Where is Gabriel and what does the children of the forest actually want?
  • What’s going to happen to Madi?
  • Will the people of Sanctum be successful in recreating the nightblood?

The next episode of the 100, episode 6 of season 6 will air after a fortnight i.e., on tuesday, the 11th June 2019. Until then bring out your theories and let your thoughts known in the comments.

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